Board of Directors

Meet CRUW's board of directors. They would love to introduce themselves.

Roger Flygare - President

Roger lives in Federal Way, Washington.  Karla and Roger celebrate their 42nd anniversary in 2018.  Roger is the CEO/President/Owner of two court reporting agencies in Washington, Roger G. Flygare & Associates, Inc., and Alliance Reporting, Inc.  Together both agencies employ over 60 reporters, as employees, independent contractors, as well as subcontractors.  

Roger served as chair of the Court Reporter Advisory Board for the Department of Licensing (DOL) for its duration (it was defunded by the state legislature during an economy downturn).  Roger from time to time is requested by DOL to serve on ad hoc committees and workshops for the court reporting profession. 

Roger is a past president of the Washington Court Reporters Association (a sister state association) where in his capacity as president-elect and president worked with the legislature to pass Washington CCR mandatory continuing education legislation as well as the legislation authorizing certified court reporters to be added to the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) as individuals authorized to administer oaths and affirmations (effectively removing the necessity of needing to be a Notary Public to swear witnesses in, both in court as well as in depositions).  If you would like to contact Roger directly, you can reach him at (253) 214-2999 or by email at

Roger Flygare - President of CRUWA

Zoya Spencer - Treasurer for CRUWA

Zoya Spencer - Secretary/Treasurer

Zoya works under the d/b/a Spencer & Associates. When she's not working, she's working. But when she's not doing that, she spends some time on behalf of her fellow court reporters as secretary/treasurer of CRUW (formerly WFSRA) because she believes that continuing education should be freely available, easily accessible, and interesting. In her free time she enjoys her two dogs and country life.

Dave Storey - Vice President Eastern WA

Dave Storey began his reporting career in 1970 after attending the University of Washington and Auerswald's Business University. He was a freelance business owner in Spokane until 2016 when he retired with the sale of the business and now works as a subcontractor part-time to the new owner. His reporting resume includes Ronald Reagan, Milton Friedman, Nelson and Bunker Hunt and many high profile cases in Spokane County. He holds the NCRA Certificate of Proficiency, the Certificate of Merit, and the Washington Award of Excellence (270 Q&A). He served WCRA as board member, president, and past president. Along with Roger Flygare he helped return NCRA to its steno-only origins, worked to save jobs at King County during the Great Recession, and sponsored firm licensure in the Washington State Legislature. He is currently vice-president of CRUW for the Eastern Region and continues to support this peculiar and remarkable profession which has been so good to him and his colleagues for so many years.

Dave Storey, Vice President Eastern WA

Eric Nutt, Vice President Western WA

Eric Nutt - Vice President Western WA

Eric lives in Gig Harbor with his beloved second wife, Becky.  He is a father and grandfather.   Eric was in active duty with US Air Force, stationed at McChord Air Force Base, Washington, when he attended an introductory machine shorthand class at Clover Park Technical School in Tacoma – 1963 and received 4.0 gpa. While stationed at McChord Air Force Base, he was selected as the Airman of the Month in 1964 because of his good appearance and excellent military knowledge. He later attended and graduated from Herman Miller’s School of Court Reporting in Los Angeles.  After graduating from court reporting school in 1967,  Eric's career has spanned owning and running Eric Nutt & Associates, being a partner in Moburg & Associates, reporting both in the freelance world and as an official, and traveling the country and world reporting important cases.  His hobbies are travel, home improvement, reading, music, improving computer skills and crossword puzzles.